Payment Options

Sign up fee: $50

 7 DayTrial for $1 and Membership

​  By signing up for $1 trial period you then agree to online membership to be billed after trial period expires

​​Jumpstart Plan

This plan is for you if your looking to improve your nutrition to lose weight and improve health. You are also new to exercising or it's been awhile since you last worked out. 

Nutrition plan: a personalized meal plan that will help you learn to eat the right micronutrients.and effect weight loss.

Workout plan : a personalized plan that includes cardio and strength training exercises to fit your lifestyle. New workout assigned every month to help you achieve weight loss and muscle building.

Plan Pricing

​Nutrition plan : $50 sign up 

                   $ 50.00 per month (3 month minimum

Workout plan: $50.00 sign up (first month in)

                    $75.00 per month (3 month minimum

Nutrition + Workout plan:$50 sign up (first month inc)

                    $100.00 per month( 3 month minimum)


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